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Succulents & Cacti

Tips to help you care for your green babies.

How to look after me: Succulents

Succulents love the sunshine so please keep them in a bright place; I will lean towards the sun so please turn me every now and again to straighten up!

During the summer months they like a thorough drink every week to 10 days, just make sure the soil is dry before they have another (a BBQ skewer or tooth pick is ideal for this poked into the soil in the middle to check)



Remember to water the soil not the plant, or it will rot.

If you look after them well enough, they will usually flower in early summer time.



They will have little babies sprout from under their leaves, leave them until they're a good size then snip off leaving a 2” stem and plant them in some soil.



From the end of September to the end of March you don’t need to water them at all, unless they are looking extremely shriveled (Start again in April) They can store all the water they need for the winter months in their leaves, this helps them know the seasons and can produce lovely flowers.

How to look after me: Cacti